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Photo: The death and despair of African immigrants after arriving in Spain Gallery News



After the beaches of Greece, Italy and elsewhere, this week a small portion of Spanish territory on the northern coast of Africa became the latest deadly point in Europe’s fight to stop the wave of immigrants from the unfortunate regions of the world.

The Spanish authorities were flooded with unprecedented traffic, and more than 8,000 people climbed across the border wall and swam from Morocco to the Spanish-ruled Ceuta enclave.

The Spanish authorities found two bodies in the waves, both of whom were young Moroccan men.

Some swimmers knelt down and prayed before wading from a Moroccan beach into the Mediterranean, hoping to build land in Ceuta and then make a living on the European continent from there.

Some wandering about a package of belongings. The weaker swimmers struggled in the waves and currents.

A barefoot swimmer seemed to be so exhausted that he came to Ceuta and couldn’t immediately drag himself out of the surf. He lay face down, making a grimace, and clutching the wet sand with his right hand. The man then hugged a Spanish Red Cross worker who comforted him.

Other immigrants are piled on fragile ships. A small boat carrying 14 young men was tightly mounted on the boat, floating low and the danger was extremely low. They used an empty bottle to rescue it. Another man held tightly behind him and swam around.

The Spanish army wore bulletproof jackets, long truncheons stuffed Bermuda shorts, young men in sportswear and rugby jerseys, breaking through the gaps in the perforated border that the flow of people crossed, with the name of the biggest star in the sport printed on it. .

Soldiers wore sandals and fragile shoes to chase migrants and refugees. At night, the alleys of Ceuta echoed with the sounds of people running and hiding.

In Morocco, more and more young people are rushing towards the Ceuta River along a rather inaccessible path along tall bushes.

Spanish soldiers stood on the towering border fence, watching the immigrants through their eyes, and they gathered on the other side, on a boulder-like seashore and arid hills overlooking Ceuta.

The Spanish army rained tear gas canisters on the swelling crowd, and the pungent smoke followed the curling white plume.


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