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Porsche’s “Soundtrack My Life” provides customized music based on your driving situation



Porsche has developed a prototype system that can play customized original music for your driving, whether you are on an open road or in a traffic jam. Automatic blog There are reports.This Original Soundtrack My Life Porsche said that the working principle of the project is similar to game music, with increased intensity based on “acceleration, speed and centrifugal force in a car”.

Porsche’s system is not just a playlist of songs from a streaming service, but an algorithmic combination of original samples and music clips to match your driving. You can choose the music style you want, and then the system starts to play music. “The complexity of what the ear hears is one-to-one depending on how they drive,” said Norman Friedenberg of Porsche Digital. “How fast they drive, how hard they accelerate and brake.” Once you slow down or stop, the music will slow down to match.

The idea is not to replace regular streaming, but to provide drivers with another option. One advantage is that the system will play original music every time, and theoretically can generate “new” music forever. “This is very exciting for drivers. They can experience a new soundtrack every time. This format guarantees a lasting listening experience, at least three to five times longer than linear music,” Friedenberg Say.

So far, Soundtrack My Life is still in the experimental stage, and Porsche has decided whether to put it into production. However, the automaker is currently testing the system in vehicles and creating a “holistic experience.”

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