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Report says “structural failure” caused the collapse of the Mexico City subway



This Collapse According to preliminary results of an independent investigation, the accident that killed 26 people at a subway overpass in Mexico City last month was caused by a series of failures during construction.

The results of the investigation may hit the foreign minister and presidential candidate Marcelo Ebrard (Marcelo Ebrard) and Mexico’s richest man Carlos Slim (Carlos Slim) and the Caso Infrastructure Construction Company to build infrastructure.

Slim is one of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s closest businessmen, and he is also building part of the President’s flagship Mayan Train In the Yucatan Peninsula.

According to a report published by the Norwegian group DNV at a press conference on Wednesday, the accident was caused by “structural failures related to defects in the construction process.”

They include the lack of studs, the use of a concrete that is inconsistent with the original design, and other differences, as well as poor welding results.

A Caso spokesperson did not immediately comment. Slim’s son-in-law and spokesman Arturo Elias (Arturo Elias) said he would not comment until the investigation is completed.in a statementEbrard defended the design and execution of the production line, saying that all decisions were made by experts and officials “based on efficiency and technical capabilities.”

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum emphasized that the findings of the “terrible tragedy” are preliminary. DNV expects to release two additional survey results on July 14 and August 30.

She said that an expert committee will submit a recovery blueprint within a month. She added that it would be for the city’s attorney general to determine the responsibility for the accident.

López Obrador regretted the accident, but Say The “poor, hardworking, and kind-hearted people” in the area where the overpass collapsed “understand that these things unfortunately happened”.

On Wednesday, before the preliminary findings were announced, he expressed support for Sheinbaum, who is widely regarded as his favorite candidate to succeed him as president.

Late at night on May 3, the elevated section of Metro Line 12 called the “Golden Line” collapsed without warning for about 5 meters on a busy road in the southeast suburb of the capital.

Since opening in 2012, this line of one of the busiest subway services in the world has been plagued by problems, including premature wear of train wheels and rails.

It was started by Ebrard in the final months of his term as mayor. Soon after Ebrard left office, criticism of his design and construction emerged, with the National Audit Office claiming cost overruns, irregularities, and poor quality work.

The line was partially closed in 2014-15 to fix what the authorities described as a structural failure at the time. After the earthquake in the capital in 2017, four stations were also closed.

DNV’s preliminary findings seem to support New York Times investigation, It found that the steel studs, which are vital to the strength of the overpass, were poorly welded, causing the collapse. López Obrador and Sheinbaum questioned the fairness of this and other reports.

in a 15 page fileEbrard refuted some of the New York Times allegations, saying that “the problem… In some cases, based on the wrong premise or seems to imply a conclusion or adopt a confrontational posture.”


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