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Report: The ruling Conservative Party has an Islamophobic “problem” Boris Johnson News



An independent report shows that although Islamophobia claims to adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude towards discrimination, it still “constitutes a problem” within the British ruling Conservative Party.

Study on Tuesday (PDF formatProfessor Swaran Singh, a former commissioner of the British Equality and Human Rights Commission, found that most of the discrimination within the party was related to anti-Muslim racism.

From the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2020, the party received 727 reports of discrimination incidents, two-thirds of which were Islamophobic.

The study was commissioned by the party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in response to criticism of its handling of discrimination and complaints.

Singh wrote in the 51-page report: “Judging from the level of complaints and misconduct by the party itself related to anti-Muslim speech and behavior, anti-Muslim sentiment is still a problem within the party.”

“This is harmful to the party and alienates a large part of society.”

Singh said that the Conservative Party is not active enough to challenge discrimination, adding that its complaint procedures need to be thoroughly reformed.

He said that the party’s sanctions regime for rule-breakers is unclear.

However, he also claimed that there is “no evidence” that complaints of Islamophobia are different from other forms of discrimination.

The Conservative Party said it is considering the report’s recommendations.

The UK’s largest Muslim umbrella organization, the Muslim Council of England (MCB), said that although Singh’s report “correctly recognized that Islamophobia has always been a serious problem for the Conservative Party”, it failed to acknowledge “the root cause of this paranoia. “.

MCB Secretary-General Zara Mohammed (Zara Mohammed) said: “The investigation is mainly about form rather than substance. Procedure is important, but it must be supported by addressing deep-rooted institutional racism.”

“We hope this is the starting point for the party’s self-reflection.”

Sajid Javid, a former Conservative cabinet minister, condemned the report’s “objectionable examples of anti-Muslim sentiment” and urged his party to adopt its recommendations “unconditionally”.

The Conservative Member of the Upper House of Parliament, Baroness Sayeda Worthy, said the report proves that the party is “powerless at best, but unwilling to solve racism at worst”.

Labor Party Shadow Equality Minister Marsha de Cordova (Marsha de Cordova) described the study as “accusations of rampant discrimination in the Conservative Party”.

She said: “It all depends on the prime minister.” She urged Johnson to make “a full and appropriate public apology, acknowledging the pain and harm he caused in the Muslim community.”

Prime Minister Johnson criticized

Singh emphasized that the remarks of famous party members such as Johnson, former members of Parliament, and the London mayor candidate, such as Zach Goldsmith, are problematic.

Johnson notoriously wrote an article 2018 newspaper column In his speech, he referred to women wearing burqas (a full-body veil that also covers their faces) as “walking around, like a letter box”, and compared their appearance to “bank robbers.”

Johnson was a backbencher when the editorial was published. She defended that this is a free defense of the right of Muslim women to choose the clothes they wear.

Johnson accepted Singh’s investigation and apologized to him for the crimes caused by his past remarks about Islam.

“I do know that what I said is offensive. People expect me to get things right, but in the press, you need to use language freely. Obviously, I am deeply sorry for any crimes committed. “

“Will I use some of the nasty language in writing in the past today? Now I am the prime minister, and I won’t.”

In response, Singh wrote in the report: “Although it is possible to lead by example, the survey work emphasizes that the use of measurement and appropriate language should not only be the requirements of the elderly, but should be expected in the entire Conservative Party.”

At the same time, Goldsmith’s split in the 2016 mayoral election was that he accused rival Muslim Labor Party candidate Sadiq Khan of providing “cover for extremists.”

He also said that Khan “trying to silence questions about his links [to extremists] By shamelessly accusing anyone who makes them Islamophobic”.

Singh said that the two incidents involving Johnson and Goldsmith “gave many people think that the party and its leadership are not sensitive to the Muslim community.”

Singh made some suggestions.

Within six weeks, the party should develop an action plan to address the shortcomings found in the report, and should publish a policy on how to handle complaints by November.

Singh also called for mandatory training on complaint procedures for at least one member of each local party association.


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