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Rivian will start delivering its electric trucks and SUVs in July



Given Rivian’s time Electric pickup and R1S SUV , A One month delayed Not bad in the grand plan.Nevertheless, the company says it will eventually Start delivery In July.

Rivian’s concierge service (a.k.a. guide) started contacting customers to confirm details and provide delivery estimates. The company plans to keep in touch with everyone who pre-orders the Launch Edition by November. Its goal is to complete the delivery of the Launch Edition by next spring.

The automaker also revealed some updates R1T and R1S. On-board air compressors have now become standard equipment. After initially including Rivian in the base price, Rivian will also make it an off-road upgrade. Adventure gear is now available in the configurator, including options for rooftop tents and cargo rails, and camping kitchen kits. Rivian said that there is also an 11.5 kWh home wall charger that can provide 40 kilometers (approximately 25 miles) of cruising range per hour.

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