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Shooting at a school in Kazan, Russia: at least 9 people killed



According to reports, seven of the victims were four boys and three girls, who were students in the eighth grade.

Published on May 11, 2021, 5:28 AM EST

Roman Kruchinin/AFP via Getty Images

People reacted near the ambulance at the shooting scene.

Russian state media reported that at least nine people were killed in school shootings and explosions in Kazan, Russia on Tuesday. report.

Seven students, a teacher and another school employee were killed in this attack, and died with school number 175. RIA Novosti The report quoted Rustam Minnikhanov, governor of the Republic of Governance where Kazan is located.

All seven students-four boys and three girls-are in the eighth grade. About 20 others were injured.

Local report It is reminded that the attack started at around 10 am local time.Teachers and students told Radio Free Europe/Radio Freedom Before they heard the gunfire and fled, they heard an explosion in the school.

The neighbor across the school shared film It was shown on social media that smoke started to erupt from the building immediately after hearing the first explosion.Another video shows debris From inside the school.

A kind video According to news released by the Russian Telecom News Channel, the children jumped out of the school window amid gunfire. RIA Novosti cited sources of emergency services, Reported Two more students died after jumping out of a window on the third floor, but these deaths have not been confirmed.

Yegor Aleyev / Yegor Aleyev / TASS

A man put flowers outside the school.

Minnik Khanov said the shooter was a 19-year-old with registered weapons and had been arrested.The independent Novaya Gazeta news site identified the alleged shooter as Ilnaz Galyaviyev and Published Picture of him in police custody. Novaya Gazeta said he is a graduate of the school.

Picture Published Mash of the Telegram News Channel showed the shooter surrendering and being fixed to the ground by the police. Early reports suggested that a second shooter might be involved, but Minnikonov said: “No other accomplices have been established.”

Deadly shooting tips Call of Russian President Vladimir Putin Tighten the country’s gun laws, RIA Novosti reportsTo quote the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov (Dmitry Peskov).

Peskov told reporters in Moscow that Putin specifically ordered the head of the Russian National Guard, Viktor Zolotov, to formulate new regulations on the types of weapons designated for civilian use and which weapons may be used by civilians. Citizens, including the type of small arms used by the gunmen in this shooting. “

Yegor Aleyev / Yegor Aleyev / TASS

Police cars and ambulances outside the shooting scene

“The fact is that sometimes shotguns are registered as small arms, used as assault rifles in some countries, etc. The National Guard will also quickly resolve this issue,” Peskov added.

There are fewer school shootings in Russia and the former Soviet Republic than in the United States, but the incidence has increased in recent years.in November 2019, A gunman shot and killed a student at a university in the Russian Far East and then committed suicide.While in October 2018In Crimea in the Russian annex, a student at a university there killed 20 people before shooting himself.

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