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Social Media Use In Medical Education: A Systematic Evaluation : Academic Medicine

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Just after data extraction, we reviewed, discussed, and categorized the opportunities and challenges in employing social media tools reported by each report. We resolved discrepancies by discussion. In prior research, intraclass correlation coefficients have been reported at .72 to .98 for interrater and .78 to .998 for intrarater reliability.23 Criterion validity has been assessed by specialist high-quality ratings, citation prices, and publication influence factors.23,24 For this systematic assessment, two of 3 authors scored each and every report independently. Following reviewing abstracts, we chosen 182 articles for full-text evaluation. We identified 49 extra articles for full-text critique by hand-browsing the references of these 182 articles. Even though the earliest of the 14 articles was published in 2006,26 few research reporting final results of medical education interventions involving social media followed till 2011, when 7 (50%) of the incorporated articles had been published. Subsequently, 1 of us (C.C.) re-reviewed the extracted information to assign categories to each report. Our initial database search identified 928 titles from which we chosen 443 for abstract critique, just after removal of duplicates and clearly irrelevant titles.

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Systems theories offer promising approaches to deal with highly dynamic and self-organized processes. With regards to living systems, the idea of autopoiesis was introduced (Varela, Maturana, & Uribe, 1974). An autopoietic program is defined as a system that constitutes and produces itself. Systems are entities that exist in distinct environments to which they need to adapt in order to retain their existence. Numerous systems theoretical approaches have been created due to the fact the middle of the 20th century (see von Bertalanffy, 1950) that deal with the question of how individual elements at a decrease level establish systems on a larger level. Systems theory also bargains with the query as to what extent a program is closed or open to its environment and how exchanges between program and atmosphere take spot. This query applies to a multitude of contexts, such as the relationship and the interplay of cells and organisms, waves and lasers, or people and groups.