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“Star Trek: Picard” season two trailer marks the return of Q



As “Star Trek” fans know, today is Captain Picard’s Day.To celebrate this moment, CBS Released the first trailer in order to second season Star Trek: PicardBefore we heard Q’s voice, Captain Picard called Larrys, one of his Rorumman butlers. “Oh, my dear. You are bigger than I thought,” said the gray-haired John Delancey of Almighty. “Mr. Captain, I miss you so much.”

Then we saw a set of scenes depicting another future version of the Star Trek universe, in which Elnor and Raffi are on the run, Rios is wearing a beautiful new Starfleet Delta, and Dr. Jurati is imprisoned. “Welcome, my friend, come to the end of the untaken road,” Q said as the scene unfolded. The trailer ends with Seven of Nine waking up to find that her Borg implant is missing. Have we seen the scene in “Star Trek” where Q never forced the Enterprise-D to meet the Borg?We don’t know, we have to wait until next year to know when the second season will be released Star Trek: Picard Hit Paramount+.

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