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“Strangers in Paradise: Origins of Final Fantasy” is a chaotic, bloody spin on game royalties



TonThis is a leak: Square Enix intends to reimagine the first Final Fantasy game as an adventurous role-playing game in the Dark Souls style, with an appropriate moody beauty.That’s it Strangers in Paradise: Origins of Final Fantasy Is working hard to become. Recently, Team Ninja, known for the Nioh series of works, is creating something based on Final Fantasy legends, but with a darker twist.

It did not have a good start. The trailer is rough and may be the most memetic video on E3 this year. Sometimes this is good.Usually, it is badAlmost half of the lines in the trailer contain the word “chaos”, which seems to be some kind of evil opponent rather than a general concept of chaos. (Again, this is the final fantasy world, so it can be one, it can be both, or it can be neither.) Then there are the characters.

The protagonist Jack is wearing a T-shirt and looks completely unprepared to besiege a castle full of magical beasts and crystal monster mouths. At the same time, his allies seem to be more suitable for the magic armor already equipped. (Now, these three may all come from our world/a more modern world, because the image shows all three Dressed in modern clothes and Converse.)

Square Enix announced that a demo will be available later in the day, so you can trample the goblins and rip the crystal wolf for yourself. Then the demo crashed on the first day of release. So, a few days later than the scheduled time, I finally had time to deal with a completely different view of the world of Final Fantasy.

Although the demo sets up a series of gentle enemies and tutorials to give you a quick understanding of the basic (but not basic) control and combat of the game, Stranger in heaven Sometimes it’s difficult. I played a total of about three hours of demos, including a break before finally defeating the final boss Garland. (Or maybe Chaos? I’m still not sure. The demo will be available until Thursday, June 24.)

However, my first impression is how rough everything looks. Although some attention was paid to the environment (Temple of Chaos, a location in the original Final Fantasy, it seems…when you reach a higher level), the characters, enemies, and combat effects seem to be grainy and not Eye-catching and lazy. Some heavy shadow effects will usually obscure your moves and finishing moves. Although this game may be made for PS4 hardware, it is not a good-looking game even by that standard.

As in most Soulslike games, games usually boil down to trial and error. When you and your two teammates enter the castle entrance, you will not encounter anything particularly challenging until you reach a bomb monster glove, which will give you high-damage fire spells, and worse -Set the grass on which you are standing on fire, increasing the threat and restricting your actions.

One of your teammates (they are basically meaningless in battle, mainly as bait for bigger monsters when you recover), will suggest rushing to the balcony outside and avoiding these enemies completely. You should really do that instead of trying to get through the hallway a lot of death.

Square Enix

Not if, but when you die, Jack, his Henry T-shirt and the other members of the team will be reborn in a save-point style cube. These can also be used to replenish your health, potions and lost MP (magic points). If you use soul burst attacks on weak enemies (there is a staggered bar next to HP), you can increase your basic MP level. This is a tempting reason enough to use burst attacks to kill most enemies when possible. At the same time, dying in battle, some of them will be taken away. The challenge is to balance the risk of killing more damage by chasing the soul burst with the easier to kill monsters directly. This magic meter can be used for more powerful combination attacks, some special actions specific to the work character (the demo includes three), and magic when playing as a mage.

Controlling magic attacks is a good example of the need for more improvement in game control. Although you can charge your actions by holding down the button, you can use the spin wheel control, which is a little too sensitive, to select different elements. New combinations unlocked for your weapons must be assigned, and can only be released when the combination combination is used. This means a lot of mobile customization is possible, but as Soulslike games often do, all of these are rarely displayed and handheld.And like Dark soul, blood curse For the rest, the boss seems to be the biggest obstacle-especially in this demo, when you feel that you are not really using all the actions and equipment available to your hero. Yes, Jack quickly put on his armor and shield to enter the demonstration. He even got a headscarf!

The parts I like are those that remind me of the world of Final Fantasy. The original game is very old, but the character design of the villain Garland still works well-this character has been resurrected in the Dissidia game and other FF derivative games. The melody of the Chaos Temple was also imposed on the soundtrack of the demo, and most monsters (except for the demon monster spawning hole) are familiar to most players who have played Final Fantasy games. Nevertheless, it is still unpleasant for Jack to step on the skull and tear the demon with his hands.

Although the list of things to be improved and solved is long, I like this idea Stranger in heaven May subvert the final fantasy as we know it.There are very few stories in this demo-Jack only said The whole process four times.

We don’t know how these so-called “Warriors of Light” interact with the world of Garland and Chaos.I hope the awkward trailer heralds that the tone of the game is almost camp-think about it Beyonita -A man who deliberately threw angry contemporary people towards the legends and monsters of Final Fantasy. I want to see which side wins.

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