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Sudan forms a new joint force to “fight against insecurity” armed group news



The new force will include “representatives” of RSF paramilitary forces, police, armed forces and rebel groups.

The Sudanese military has announced plans to form a joint force to “fight against insecurity” and maintain national authority in the capital and across the country, as the economic crisis and regional tensions are plagued by the fragile transition of elections.

The announcement was made through an order issued by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the vice chairman of Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council, late Thursday.

The order stated that Dagallo, also known as Hemedti, is the head of the Paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF), which will become the new “representatives” of the police, the army, the Intelligence Directorate, and rebel groups and prosecutors. Part of the force. .

According to the order, this force will be formed “immediately” under the leadership of General Yasser Atta, a member of the Sovereignty Council.

The local news media Interstellar Tribune reported that the order instructed state governors to cooperate with military and security agencies to form joint forces.

Dagallo also ordered the signed rebel group to control its members and designate gathering places.

In a speech this week, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok defended reforms aimed at responding to a severe economic crisis and stabilizing the political transition to transition to elections. He said supporters of the previous leader could trigger chaos or civil war.

The latest reform is the abolition of fuel subsidies last week. At that time, the annual inflation rate had risen to 379%, arousing public outcry.

The Sudanese authorities warned that they blamed “gangs and criminal groups” for the riots in the capital Khartoum in recent days.

Violence in Sudan continues to escalate

Since the establishment of a military-civilian power-sharing government in mid-2019, there has also been an increase in fatal violence in the Darfur region of Sudan and the eastern part of the country.

A peace agreement signed at the end of last year called for the integration of the rebel groups into a unified national army that has not yet begun.

The UN Special Representative Volker Perthes said at a press conference this week that he was concerned about the delay and added that he believes the police are best suited to protect civilians.

Dagalo’s RSF was generated from the People’s Defence Forces in the Darfur conflict in the early 2000s, and many people in the country distrust it.

The organization is widely armed by former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Previously, mainly non-Arab insurgents took up arms in 2003 and accused the central government of marginalizing it politically and economically.


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