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Suicide Squad Weasel inspired by classic comic characters



Sean Gunn plays the weasel in the upcoming film

Oh! Get out!
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

weaselwill die. This is not a spoiler, I just can’t imagine James Gunn Suicide squad The movie killed a large number of villains and vulgar anthropomorphic animals Among death. Nevertheless, I suddenly hope that he can survive, because Gunn just revealed the movie’s inspiration for DC comics characters, it’s just… (Chef kiss).

Gunn posted this funny little fact on Twitter, along with a photo of his brother Sean, who performed a motion capture show for Weasel (and Rocket Raccoon During this period Guardians of the Galaxy the film). The inspiration is… Well, let me give you a hint: Ack!

I am about to write this article, it seems that everyone who reads it will be very familiar with the classic 80s comics Bloom County by Berkeley Breathing like me, and then I remembered that it couldn’t be true. As suggested by his orange fur and black stripes, Bill Cat It was an imitation of Garfield, it was designed to be so disgusting that he could not sell it at all. (This failed; many of Bill’s merchandise were sold, but not as many as Garfield.) Although he could talk, he almost only said/screamed “Ah!” and “Thbbft!” Because he was drinking and taking drugs After and abuse of Tender Vittles, he was completely exhausted. During the comic process, Bill was the lead singer of the heavy metal band Deathtongue, a TV preacher, a Soviet spy, occasionally died, and a three-term presidential candidate (he died once).His brain is also related to Donald Trumpit’s been a while.

Honestly, the only thing that can make things better is if Bill Cat replaces the weasel himself TonSuicide squadThis is extremely unlikely, but after the film premieres on August 6, it is almost certain that there will be some vacancies in the team roster…

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