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An interesting thing happened on the Internet this week. (I know it’s becoming rarer.) In an interview species, Justin Halpern, co-creator of the animated series Harley Quinn, Pointed out that during the third season of the show, DC Entertainment objected to Batman’s planned oral sex scene with Catwoman. the reason? “Heroes don’t do that. Halpern replied, “Are you saying that the hero is a selfish lover?” “And at the same time Is not The real reason-it has to do with trying to sell toys-it does make many Twitter users want to know, “Wait, if the hero Have done To do it? “(Personal opinion: Yes.)

Quick response: jokes about Batman masks and billionaire’s easily accessible shapes Rejection of ethical consumption under capitalism; Ease”Batman’s parents are already alive, see this discussion. “Everyone has a hot topic and how unenthusiastic about the whole thing. But it also brings up broader questions about superhero sex. Over the years, there have been many romantic stories about heroes and villains. Clark Kent I like Lois Lane; the soothing voice of the Black Widow brings the Hulk back to Bruce Banner’s self. Wanda and Vision. Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. But these relationships are relatively pure, even in movies The same is true in more adult-oriented TV shows.

Obviously, this is for a reason. First, most superhero comic stories are still aimed at children and young people, so super-obvious graphic sexual behavior is problematic. 2. For decades, Comic Code Authority It is almost banned.Since the 1950s, following the psychiatrist Fredric Wertham’s The temptation of the innocent, Believes that comics are harmful to children, and the CCA code excludes many sexes from the media. This situation continued in some form until the last two publishers withdrew from CCA in 2011. (However, before that, the code’s influence has been weakened for some time, allowing more sexual cues, including in various Batman books.)

But those are comics. For decades, Hollywood has been moving comic heroes to large and small screens, where they can at least do what they want more freely. Ant-Man can’t say that Steve Rogers has “American ass“If they are not. Hell, Catwoman literally licked Batman’s face. Batman returns——It was in 1992. Since then, the era of dark, avant-garde manga adaptations has allowed heroes to do many things they could not do before. They will become bloody, they swear, but they usually do not mate.Well, they do it in anti-hero shows and movies that are definitely suitable for mature audiences dead Pool, Jessica Jones, kick ass, Or warder, But the land of superheroes is still more virgin-even though it is obvious that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have had sex. (They have a child. Come on.)

Now, this is not necessarily the argument of a large number of on-screen bats against cat actions, but the idea that the downfall is something “heroes don’t do” is amazing. Now that it has been determined that Bruce Wayne may have had sex before, this rule seems to be more suitable for sex like the Dark Knight. This is sad. Giving heroes feelings and showing them as selfless lovers is a very good character shaping. It makes them multifaceted. They often save the world, but they cannot save themselves. They endure trauma; they struggle with their own morals and ethics.Is not All It must clearly appear on the page or screen, but showing Batman to please Catwoman shouldn’t be taboo. A true hero is not just a cloak.

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