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“Sweat” gave influencers something they never had: depth



Watch the opening Scenes sweat Sitting on the sofa feels like eating a bag of Doritos and not moving Large forceDirector Magnus von Horn (Magnus von Horn) used a handheld camera to track his lively fitness influencer protagonist Sylvia Zajak ( Magdalena Kolesnik), she cheered for the admiring crowd. As she knits among fans, her thick golden ponytail swings rhythmically, shouting high-strength words of encouragement like a particularly talkative leader of a large church. She is the bodily success gospel, she is a persuasive preacher. I almost got up and followed.

If you have been in a fitness-centric corner on the Internet for a while, Sylwia will be a familiar figure. Von Horn’s new movie will be shown in some theaters on Friday and will be shown on the streaming platform Mubi next week. She has released a series of home exercise videos in candy-colored elastic fiber clothing for 600,000 fans. She eats pre-made cereal bowls that contain balanced macronutrients; she will promote the above-mentioned cereal bowls on her social media accounts, provided that their manufacturers have proven their commitment to sustainable packaging. She is thin and beautiful, the kind of person who is always illuminated by ring lights, but she is smart enough to occasionally let her shiny appearance sag, revealing some human weaknesses. (She really wants a boyfriend.) Her advertisers don’t like these orchestrated fragile glimpses, but it doesn’t matter-fans like it.

Influential people are often portrayed in books, movies, and media as evidence of a slow and universal cultural tedium. Relying on followers for verification and attention has become shorthand for social decay.Giacopola’s recent movies Mainstream Trying to use the story of a filmmaker to criticize Internet celebrities, he helped a charismatic liar turn into a viral prankster. However, it doesn’t work; the storyline may also be written by a robot, dedicated to providing alarmist columns about the fall of Logan Paul. (Plot summary: “INTERNET FAME BAD.”) Not the kind of influential cultural delivery need Be careful.Leigh Stein’s latest novel Take care of yourself provided a Pleasant anatomy #girlboss and Beth Morgan’s upcoming novel A touch of Zhen It’s a ruthless comedy horror film about the dangers of obsessing with Instagram.The first great influencer satire was in 2017 Ingrid West, A ruthless, funny pair of desperate fans Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) and Elizabeth Olsen play a bohemian fashion lifestyle expert. These characters are broad archetypes—the basket and the princess—but the film does not pursue psychological realism. This is a distortion of a certain Southern California millennial scene.

sweat Will not try to incorporate this new influencer satire series in order to benefit it. Instead, it offers something newer: a refreshing hierarchical character study of people who are often reduced to punchlines. It is not interested in judging Sylvia, but explores the shallow outline of her world to let the deep loneliness surface.

After her energetic opening performance, the audience saw Sylvia’s energy level drop, but this is not the case with a double-sided artist who is sulking behind the scenes. Rather, it depicts a portrait of a person who derives her identity from the feedback loop between her and her devotees; her enthusiasm is sincere and only limited. For an actress, Sylvia may become a more suitable person to laugh at, but Kolesnik portrays her as a neurotic, and her narcissism in kindness is an forgivable flaw. When she ran errands in the car and wandered around in her neat modern apartment, she recounted her days on the screen of her mobile phone, appearing most at ease speaking to an invisible audience.


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