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Tesla may have to ship electric cars made in Texas out of the state to Texans



Tesla’s long-term operations The fight against pro-distributor law About to create an awkward situation in Texas. driver with edge According to reports, the Texas legislature will conclude its meeting on May 31, but it has not proposed a bill that would allow Tesla to sell directly to customers.In other words, the electric car manufacturer may have to start from its upcoming launch Gigafactory in the Austin area Leave the state before it can sell them to Texans-when Governor Greg Abbott, it was not just a small problem famous The factory plans last July.

In theory, the state could convene special legislative meetings or enact regulatory exceptions, but both are considered unlikely. The next regular meeting will not expire until 2023.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was dissatisfied with this. Say His company “would certainly appreciate” changing the law to avoid this workaround.The proposed law will allow any automaker to sell cars directly to customers in Texas, as long as these cars are completely electric and not sold through dealers, which opens up opportunities for Tesla and competitors like this. door Rivian.

Texas is not the only state that has laws to protect the dealer model, nor is it the only state that has proposed reforms.Connecticut is undergoing legislation to allow Tesla to sell cars, not just Rent themHowever, these states usually do not have electric car factories. The Texas Gigafactory emphasized the economic consequences of these laws, and these consequences have not been obvious until now.

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