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Tesla postponed delivery of Model S Plaid to June 10 for “adjustment”



One of Tesla’s most important cars is late.Elon Musk Tell twitter fans Tesla postponed S-shaped lattice Delivery is one week, until June 10th. He said that ultra-fast electric cars need “another week of adjustment.” The person in charge of the company did not explain what these changes are, but it is clear that Tesla cannot fix them through software updates.

The “Basic” Plaid is the first three-motor Model S shipped, representing a major leap in performance, claiming a 0-60MPH time of less than two seconds, a quarter mile of 9.23 seconds and a top speed of 200MPH.Tesla calls it the “fastest-accelerating car” in production. Obviously its goal is to provide better sustained performance to compete with traditional supercars and direct competitors (such as Porsche TaikangThe faster Plaid+ variant will be launched in mid-2022.

The delay will not cause much damage to Tesla’s bottom line because Most of its sales It is a low-cost Model 3 and Y car. However, a large part of Tesla’s future lineup depends on the smooth launch of Plaid.This Cyber ​​Truck And the next generation Sports car Relying heavily on three-motor technology to improve performance-any small problems now, even small problems, may have a knock-on effect on future launches.

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