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Texans are allowed to carry hidden pistols without a permit | Gun Violence News



The governor of Texas signed a bill allowing unlicensed, concealed pistols to be carried in public.

The governor of Texas has signed a bill allowing people to carry Hidden pistol Without any permission, join the other 20 states that have taken such measures.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott touted the law as part of a package. He said the plan would turn Texas into a “Second Amendment shelter” and that any new federal gun restrictions would be Will not be executed.

According to the Texas State Assembly website, Abbott held a bill signing ceremony at the Alamo in San Antonio on Thursday, but according to the Texas Tribune’s first report, the bill was signed into law on Wednesday.

The law will take effect on September 1.

“You can say that I signed some laws to protect gun rights today, but today I signed a document to instill freedom in Lone Star State,” Abbott said at Thursday’s bill signing event.

“Those who believe in and support the rights of the Second Amendment, we support every law-abiding American having weapons to protect their rights,” he added. Among those who joined Abbott at the ceremony on Thursday was Wayne Lapierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association.

The Texas law is the latest result of a back-and-forth battle between supporters at the state level. Stricter gun laws And those who want to remove most of the barriers to gun ownership.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gun violence in the United States resulted in 38,707 deaths in 2019, which is the most recent year with complete statistics-much higher than any other developed country.

Republican Rep. Matt Schaefer, who drafted the bill, said in a written statement that the bill defends the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the right to bear weapons and restores gun ownership. right. All law-abiding Texans have the right to carry a gun.

Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association, the largest group representing the state’s police, said the law will place a huge burden on street police.

“We opposed this bill from the beginning,” Lawrence said.

He pointed out that although the new law adds to the list of persons who are prohibited from carrying weapons, it is now the responsibility of assaulting the police to find out whether a person is prohibited from carrying weapons.

“We have transferred the burden to the street police and made their job more difficult,” Lawrence said.

He added that the police prefer the administrative review process to determine who can carry guns, “rather than the police have to figure this out on the south side of Lubbock at 3 am.”

Previously, if a person in Texas wanted to carry a hidden weapon, they had to go through a background check and receive four to six hours of gun laws, conflict demotion, and live ammunition training before obtaining a license.

Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocacy organization dedicated to the implementation of stricter gun regulations in the United States, severely criticized the bill, saying it will increase the number of gun deaths in Texas.

The organization spent millions of dollars on political races across the country and promised to target politicians in Texas who supported the measure.


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