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The Curiosity rover has a rare glimpse of a cloudy sky on Mars



NASA’s Curiosity rover A rare event has just been discovered on Mars: cloudy sky.The agency has shared Images of “shiny” clouds (produced by light reflected by ice crystals) appearing over the Curiosity site in late January. They may be pedestrians on Earth, but they are known for planets with very thin atmospheres and even led to their own discovery.

The mission team has determined that these clouds are higher than usual on Mars, floating above the 37-mile peak height of the Martian water ice cloud. This increases the possibility that they are dry ice clouds formed from frozen carbon dioxide and may reveal more information about the Martian sky.

NASA/JPL-California Institute of Technology/MSSS

NASA pointed out that using Curiosity’s black-and-white navigation camera is the easiest to see clouds, but the color mast camera produces the best gloss.

This may not be the most Dramatic events on Mars at the moment.However, it does remind people once again that the earth Not a set of static images. Mars is a vibrant world, and the weather is constantly changing, even if it is not as lively as the distant past.

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