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The free Pokémon MOBA will land on Nintendo Switch in July



Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios finally shortened the release time Pokémon United. “Free Start” MOBA is now available Scheduled It was released on Switch in July and on mobile devices in September. As before, hooks are a cross-platform game-no matter what device you use, you will eventually compete with your competitors.

If you have played similar MOBA games, this formula will be familiar League of Legends or Dota 2, Despite the expected Pokémon distortion. You participate in a five-on-five battle, and you must collect energy by defeating Pokémon (including opponents and “wild” examples) and throwing these energy into the enemy’s target area. Your little animal continues to evolve throughout the game, and finally learns a kind of “united action” that can break the balance of battle.

Different maps (or more precisely, stadiums) have different rules, including the number of team members, the length of the game, and the number of appearances of Legendary Pokémon.

of course, Unity Will encourage you to spend real money. You can get more in-game rewards through the seasonal battle pass, and purchase “Aeon Gems”, which can help you bring more Pokémon into battle or obtain items for your zoo and trainer. You can also use the Aeos coins and tickets you earn for free, so if you are willing to wait patiently, you will not be forced to pay to unlock the content.

This is a gamble. How much overlap is there between Pokémon and the MOBA crowd, and will developers avoid typical MOBA pitfalls, such as a steep learning curve?Nonetheless, if you want to venture beyond in the Pokémon world, this may be attractive Single player experience Or location-based games Pokémon Go.

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