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The gathering of friends proved it’s time to move on



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Maybe it’s time to say goodbye friends. No, no one has to stop watching the replay when there is no other worthwhile time-anyway, it doesn’t mean you can avoid this. No, this is not a bad show, no one should discover or rediscover again, this is not a long sentence. It’s about discourse; the 1990s Thursday night sitcoms are broadcast every few months to make up for their strengths and weaknesses. friends It’s a very good show. However, it does not need to trigger so many conversations.

Many of these are errors of streaming media.When friends It became popular on Netflix a few years ago, and it was discovered by a new generation of viewers-digital natives turned it into memes and jokes, and Gen X that grew up with it has never been like this.For a while, it was fun, but then the show became so popular that it became The loot box in the streaming war In the end Netflix lost HBO Max, As of yesterday, streaming services have also become Friends: Reunion, This is a 90-minute special program dedicated to watching the cast, allowing people to relive all the things that the Internet has been changing again in the past five years.

Well, most things.If there is one thing Friends: Reunion Lost, it’s about friends. The reunion special was ostensibly created to take advantage of the show’s revival and attract HBO Max subscribers, but in addition to memes and BuzzFeed quizzes, the discourse on the show also highlights its shortcomings: lack of ethnic diversity, lack of ethnic diversity Sex and queer problems are not handled as desired. Repeated jokes about Monica’s weight. None of these things have been resolved here. Although some people all over the world felt a little embarrassed when talking about this show, they avoided the fact that many people did not participate in the show.

A TV show hosted by everyone’s biggest fan, James James Corden, may have a lot of questions, but is there any reason to continue talking friends, That’s it. (In fact, we still have room for discussion regarding the following facts: friends Progress in time and use it to indicate how much has changed. )in contrast, Friends: Reunion Participated in many cameos (Lady Gaga sang “Smelly Cat”! Justin Bieber for some reason!) and frank confession (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston) ) Have done Have a crush on each other! People hate Marcel’s monkeys! ), all of this is tantamount to a gift, not just a celebration.

That’s how it should be. Nostalgia Many people have been attracted by the Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent quarantine.Watch similar shows friends Not only does it remind people of the time they can spend and share beer in a coffee shop, but it also reminds them of having seen it before friends In a less stressful period. Friends: Reunion Covid has delayed itself, now it is here, it can remind you healthily, and sometimes you can respect your beloved and move on.

This is what I want: keep going. The irony is (the streaming war has triggered an influx of new original content, which is the idea of ​​the 90s for you) with Lead dozens of people to re-view old information.The same thing happened friends Also happened office, From my Twitter timeline, it’s currently Babysitter.Great, every generation should be able to rediscover something like Crazy about you, wonderful time, Or, Original friends,single life.But issue Friends: Reunion It is necessary to show the fact that there are very few reports on this program. Courtney Cox, who played Monica, almost admitted this during the party. She said: “This is the last time we have ever been asked about the show.” “We won’t do it again in 15 years.” If they don’t plan to talk about it, then neither should anyone else.

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