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Apple finally solved the remote control problem of its set-top box. I can only assume that we will eventually see documentary investigations and some conspiracy theories about why the old, easily lost Apple TV remote has stayed for so long, but this is another day’s question.


right now The new Apple TV 4K is here, you should read Devindra Hardawar’s review. It is not so much the box itself, as it is the processor, smart home integration and HDMI 2.1 upgrades. It is more about facing the future than the current functions, but about the quality of Siri Remote. The only thing it obviously lacks is a way to find it when it is lost, and you can use it with an older Apple TV.

— Richard Lawler

Plus all the offers of the week that you can still get today.

MacBook Pro M1

The unofficial summer kick-off is here, and although the Memorial Day weekend has just begun, we are already seeing discounts on gadgets on the Internet. Some of Apple’s latest devices are on sale, including the MacBook Air M1 (900 USD) And a 10.2-inch iPad for $299 Walmart with Amazon), Amazon’s sales on Fire TV devices are still in progress. GameStop Memorial Day discount Including Nintendo Switch games and accessories, while gadgets such as robot vacuum cleaners, smart watches and Bluetooth speakers are available online.

It’s hard to say how long these deals will last, but usually Memorial Day sales will last until Monday holiday, so you still have a few days to decide where you want to spend your money.

This is the best Memorial Day technical sales we can find, remember to pay attention @EngadgetDeals Get more updates on Twitter.
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Why did Amazon acquire MGM?

Engadget podcast logo

This week, Devindra spoke with senior mobile editor Chris Velazco about Amazon’s surprising new acquisition of MGM. Yes, that’s right, the legendary studio behind the Bond series and so on. Is this just to play more Prime Video content? Or is Amazon just trying to crush Netflix and Apple? In addition, they also discussed Valve’s possible launch of a portable gaming PC similar to the Switch, and some news about Build 2021.

listen Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Pocket casting or stapler.
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Fitbits, Galaxy Fit 2, Withings Move and some other products are on the list.

Fitbit charging 4

Valentina Palladino/Engadget

Fitness trackers are not dead, if you are reading this article, you may be one of the people who keep these small devices alive. Smart watches almost occupy the mainstream wearable field, but for those who want gadgets to always do one thing correctly, the humble fitness tracker is still an option. Despite headwinds, there are still many fitness bands to choose from. Engadget has tested many of them and picked the best for most people.
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Do Call of Duty now.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Before the newest Flight simulator The game is launched on Xbox, and its developers are adding many optimizations. The latest update on the PC is a good example, as it reduces the initial download from 170GB to 83GB. If you want to save space or bandwidth caps on the SSD, then this is good news.
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There are no new checks.

Only eight days after the announcement Restarted its long-suspended Bluecheck verification process, Twitter announced on Friday that, sorry, it was overwhelmed by requests and will temporarily ignore users’ new apps until the backlog is resolved. The last pause lasted for four years.
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But wait, there is more…

Your Fitbit device may track your snoring soon

Denon and Marantz will add HDMI 2.1 to these old receivers for $600

Samsung launches a 43-inch version of the multifunctional smart display

The leaked video details every function of the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro comes with a $50,000 range extension option

The USB-C upgrade will more than double its power capacity to 240W

Sony is “strengthening” PlayStation Now as it tries to reach 1 billion people

Satya Nadella said that Microsoft is developing the “next generation” of Windows

LeBron James appears to be wearing a pair of unreleased Beats earplugs

This is why the new Apple TV remote does not have AirTag tracking

Nintendo’s rumored OLED Switch may arrive in September

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