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The Prime Minister of Greece said: “There is no sign” the Belarusian operatives changed to fly aviation news



Greek Prime Minister Kyriacos Mizotakis said on Thursday that there is no evidence that Belarusian secret service personnel were forced to transfer to Minsk on a Ryanair plane on Sunday.

Belarus was allegedly threatened by a bomb on a flight from Greece to the capital Lithuania.

No bomb was found, but Roman Protasevich, A 26-year-old journalist and critic of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, was caught off the plane by the Belarusian authorities and his girlfriend, Sofia Sapega, and arrested.

This event triggered International anger And urged the EU to ban Belarusian aircraft from entering EU airspace, and urged EU airlines to avoid flying over the former Soviet Union countries.

Both the political opposition in Belarus and the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, stated that members of the country’s KGB safety agency are still flying, and the agency is still named after the Soviet era abbreviation.

But Mittakis told the German newspaper “Bild” that there is no evidence that this is the case.

“We have no indication that there are KGB agents or any security service agents on the plane. Nothing. Zero. We have conducted a very careful investigation of this,” Mitsotakis said.

Lukashenko has dismissed the relevant security agents and Defend the forced diversion in Minsk The plane said on Wednesday that he had acted legally in accordance with international practice.

However, Issey Miyake also responded to criticism from other European leaders, calling the incident a “state-sponsored piracy” with the sole purpose of arresting Protasevich.

Bomb threat statement

Mitotakis’ speech came as people became more and more suspicious of Minsk’s claims about the so-called bomb threat.

Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss-based email provider, said Thursday that the threats cited by the Belarusian authorities would only be issued after Ryanair’s flight was diverted.

The Belarusian authorities claimed that the threat came from Hamas, but the Palestinian group Deny any involvement In the event.

Lukashenko also hinted that the threat originated in Switzerland, but the Swiss government denied any knowledge of it.

Proton said in a statement: “We have no reliable evidence to prove that Belarus’s statement is correct.”

“We will support the European authorities in the investigation after receiving the legal request.”

‘Help me release my son’

On Thursday respectively, Protasevich’s parents impassionedly appealed for help in their son’s case.

“I want to invite you to be the mother of Rome. I want you to hear my cry, my cry inside, so that you can understand how difficult it is for us now and how we have fallen into a ridiculous situation…

“I hope you will convey our appeal to government representatives, EU countries, EU leaders, and American leaders all over the world: I appeal, I beg, and help me release my son.”

Protasevich’s father Dmitry also praised his son as a “hero”.

“In his life, he has been fighting for the truth and communicating it to people. This is why Lukashenko made this terrible act,” he said.

In a video posted online by the Belarusian authorities on Monday, Protasevich said he was in good health and was being held in a pre-trial detention facility in Minsk.

He admitted that he played a role in a large-scale anti-government rally last year, after the controversial August elections gave Lukashenko a sixth term.

It is widely speculated that Protasevich was speaking under duress. His father once said that he believed the 26-year-old confession was forced.

Minsk vigorously suppressed last year’s protests. It is understood that the number of people arrested for participating in the rally is tens of thousands.


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