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The psychology of why fan art is so pleasant



I am in love Between us,multiplayer game Social deduction game, Hard and fast. Although I haven’t played any video games for more than 10 years, now I play it every half week, making fan art for the first time. First is a creepy theme song, then an inspirational poster, and then a peek at the three-dimensional model. In the blink of an eye, I changed from a fan to another fan artist.

what happened? Why do I feel the need to create art in someone’s world, as many others before me did?Talk to experts and others in the field Between us Fan artists revealed that fan art has many benefits to its creators and even other fans.

But what exactly is fan art?In a telephone interview, the anthropologist Meredith Levine Describe fan art as “visual art made by someone for themselves or other fans about their fan objects.” Even the fans themselves. Levine said that the object of a fan is anything that anyone can become a fan.

Many people may be familiar with commercial fan art, seen in the artist alleys of comic books or other conferences.Others may have seen the work on similar sites Deviant art or Weibo. But fandom is not just a franchise for movies or books. Levine said that the objects of fans can include sports, brands, characters, artists, and so on.

Fan art is part of the range of fan creation. There are also fan fictions, which are written in the fan world, or role-played, dressed as part of the fan world.

Develop skills through play

Lynn Zubernis is a psychologist and professor at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He has written a lot of articles about fandom. She said it is important to remember that not every fan makes fan art. But for those who are in close contact with fandom, they are often inspired by it and “want to interact with it in a different way,” Zubernis said, “you want to be yours in a certain way. Has become part of the world. Engaged.”

Some creators hope to expand the fan circle itself through their fan art. For example, YouTuber 3D printed guy, Who created an animation Horror Trilogy Between us, Grew up in science fiction movies 2001: A Space Odyssey with thing, He decided to bring the same energy to this world Between usIn a telephone interview, he explained that when he was working on the trilogy, he was surprised how many stories could be told on Skeld alone, which is the smallest spaceship map in the game and arguably the most popular.

Fan art can also be a tool to hone or develop your own craft. Levine explained that fan art allows people to “practice skills in the known universe. Some people really want to learn about the media they are using, and fanaticism makes it a better tool for personal skill development.”

3D Print Guy says that part of the motivation for making videos is to learn these new skills through each video he creates. In his trilogy, he discovered that he has to make more filmmaking decisions than in the past, such as using music that affects the mood of the animation. When more fan videos and other projects need to be produced, he said that he will use the same skills in future videos.

See yourself in the new world

Fan artists not only tell new stories and learn new skills through their works (or more commonly, play), fan art can also be a tool for exploring their own identity.in A research study Marjorie Cohee Manifold, professor of art education and curriculum research at Indiana University, reports that 70% of participants “are described as fans of a particular character in a pop culture narrative because they see the desired characteristics of the character they wish to have or emulate.” In other words, at the formation stage of their lives, these people are attracted to the world or characters with the characteristics they wish to have in their lives.


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