Home WORLD The suspended IPL will be completed in the UAE later this year | Coronavirus pandemic news

The suspended IPL will be completed in the UAE later this year | Coronavirus pandemic news



The Indian Cricket Committee also asked the International Criminal Court to give more time to decide whether India can host the 2020 World Cup during the pandemic.

The Indian Cricket Control Commission (BCCI) stated that the remaining games of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which was suspended earlier this month, will be completed in September and October in the United Arab Emirates.

BCCI also stated in a statement on Saturday that they have asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) to give more time to call for India to host the 2020 World Cup in October and November.

Popular IPL T20 Championship Suspended with 31 games left In the devastating second wave of COVID-19 in India, several players and behind-the-scenes staff tested positive for the new coronavirus and will play on May 4.

BCCI stated that due to the pandemic, the UAE is the alternate venue for the 2020 World Cup. Due to the pandemic, the entire IPL will be held in 2020. “Considering India’s monsoon season”, the UAE is the first choice.

The monsoon season generally lasts from June to mid-September. The board did not mention the pandemic.

India on Friday reported the lowest daily increase in new COVID-19 cases in a month, but the number is still high, at 186,364 infections and 3,660 deaths.

BCCI head Sourav Ganguly said this month that COVID-19 restrictions mean that it is impossible to hold the remaining games in India.

Organizers may want to squeeze the game into the window between the England-India Test Tour, which ends in mid-September, and the T20 World Cup, which is scheduled to start in mid-October.

Ashley Giles, the captain of the England cricket team, said that if the IPL conflicts with the international schedule, British players will not be able to watch the IPL, and other countries are unlikely to risk their players so close to the World Cup.

This will reduce some of the brilliance of the game, which usually attracts the best players in the world, but BCCI may be happy to complete the game and fulfill their broadcast and sponsorship contracts.

BCCI Finance Director Arun Singh Dhumal told Reuters in early May that due to the suspension of the event, the board is facing a loss of approximately $270 million in revenue.


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