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The Swedish government is on the verge of a vote of no confidence



A majority of members of the Swedish parliament said on Thursday that they would support a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, and that the Swedish government is on the verge of collapse.

If the vote to be held on Monday is detrimental to Lowen and his minority center-left coalition, it may lead to early elections or guard the government.

All three right-wing opposition parties have stated that they will support the vote, which was triggered by the anger of the former communist left-wing party over the cancellation of the new apartment rent control program. Four parties have a majority in the parliament.

With the Delta variant first discovered in India, the dramatic events that occurred as Sweden was fighting the Covid-19 pandemic underlined how Fragmented The politics of Scandinavian countries has become.

On Thursday, Lofven blamed the vote on the left and said it was irresponsible to “put Sweden into a political crisis under the current situation”.

The rise of populism, anti-immigration Swedish democratic party Shake the traditional left-wing politics that has dominated Sweden for decades. Originally a pariah of the political system, the Swedish Democratic Party now seems to be building an anti-immigration group composed of three center-right parties against the center-left group led by Lowen’s Social Democratic Party and its junior partner, the Green Party.

But opinion polls indicate that it may be difficult for the two sides to form a coherent alliance with a majority in the parliament, which indicates that there may be difficult negotiations in the future.

Lofven is a former trade union member and is widely regarded as one of Sweden’s most ineffective prime ministers in recent times, even though he has repeatedly desperately continued to hold power.

Even if Lovewin loses in the vote of no confidence, he may continue to serve as prime minister and head of the caretaker government. He can also hold elections in advance, or simply resign and delegate the task of forming a new government to the Speaker’s Council.

Monday’s vote was triggered by the Swedish Democratic Party, which used left-wing unease about ending rental controls. “If we have the opportunity to replace this destructive government, we will accept it,” said Henrik Wenger, leader of the Swedish Democratic Parliament.

The Swedish government is criticized by the government Coronavirus Committee And a separate parliamentary committee to deal with the pandemic that Stockholm refused to implement Formal blockadeThe number of deaths and hospitalizations in Sweden is much higher than that of neighboring countries Norway, Finland or Denmark, but it is doing better than many EU countries that have imposed blockades.

If the opposition comes to power, the moderate leader Ulf Kristersson may become prime minister, and he sets the battlefield for any early elections. He wrote on Facebook on Thursday: “This government has failed on the really major issues of our time: crime, unemployment and integration.”

Underworld Shootings and explosions The sharp increase in recent years has led the Swedish Democratic Party and other right-wingers to increasingly criticize how the country accepts more immigrants than most EU countries and finds it difficult to integrate into them.

Lofven, who has been in charge since 2014, is already the only Swedish prime minister Vote of confidence lostA 2018 initiative started long government negotiations, and eventually he continued to hold the position.


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