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These noise-canceling headphones are only $72 this week



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The key to enjoying music is to create an immersive experience. One way is to reduce the amount of noise filtered through headphones. Audio quality, comfort and connectivity should also be flawless.These Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones from TREBLAB provide the surround sound you’ve been looking for, you can .

Z2 is equipped with 40mm speakers supported by neodymium, which can provide the clear and powerful sound you should get from music, while TREBLAB’s T-Quiet active noise reduction technology allows you to block external interference and let you fully immerse yourself in the audio. If you work in a noisy company environment or have noisy young children at home, this makes these headphones worth considering.

TREBLAB Z2 has an ergonomic fit design that fits comfortably on your ears, so you don’t need to fumble while sitting at your desk or working out in the gym.Talking about , Z2 has IPX4 waterproof function, so when you need to sweat, it is very suitable. With Bluetooth 5.0, it can also connect to your device almost instantly. TREBLAB managed to achieve an impressive 35 hours of battery life in these headphones. This is enough to get you through a few working days before you have to recharge.

However, where the Z2 really shines is the improvement in the quality of life, which is usually found in more expensive headphones. The 100-degree earmuff rotation allows you to place the Z2 on your shoulders or behind your ears while listening to music. It is flexible enough to fit in a small container such as a backpack or suitcase. Finally, Z2 supports Siri and Google Assistant, bringing a true wireless and hands-free listening experience.

Usually $259, TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 noise canceling headset is

Prices may change.

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