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This 4K drone for videographers is now priced at $99



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Drones have completely changed the way photographers and videographers take aerial shots. What used to be expensive helicopters and flight permits can now be achieved with flying cameras that are basically remotely operated. More importantly, these devices are very affordable, allowing anyone from big budget studios to hobbyists to add a vertical dimension to their movies.

The downside is that the options on the market are now saturated. If you need a quadcopter for semi-professional use, you should look for a quadcopter with strict control and stability, and equipped with an excellent camera that can be used with your other camera equipment.The Global Drone 4K Platinum Edition has what you need, and Deal with this Memorial Day.

Global drones are responsive and fast in the air. With three levels of flying speed, you can customize your talk time to quickly bring the camera to the desired location or just enjoy the scenery. The gravity sensor allows you to control the Global Drone through the app or through the remote control. It has a high hold function and stable technology in the form of a headless mode. The former uses the folding arms of the quadcopter to provide stable flight, while the latter locks the direction of the remote control.

This drone is equipped with a 4K camera that can capture high-resolution video, which you can view directly from your phone using a mobile app to help you set the perfect shot. It can fly for a total of 14 minutes on a single charge, which is the standard configuration of mid-range equipment. Finally, the remote control distance of Global Drone is about 328 feet, which is just less than the length of a full football field.

If you are looking for a drone that performs well in the air and in video, please consider . For this week only, you can purchase this quadcopter at a discounted price of $99.

Prices may change.

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