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Toy News of the Week-Bad batch of hot toys, Hasbro retro toys from the 90s



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Welcome back to the toy aisle, io9 regularly collects all the good and plastic things.This week, another Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man started to act, and Hasbro now believes that children in the 90s are old enough to be retro targets Star wars package, And… How do you feel about making Lego shoes? check it out!

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D4 Toy Sentry Spider-Man: Parallel Universe Peter Parker Spiderman Character

Sentinel’s nearest Miles Morales got an ally in the form of not one, but technically two Peter Spark.luxury room Spider poem Peter Parker has another blonde head and even an interchangeable, more torso to portray the multiple spins of Chris Pine or Jack Johnson to Spider-Man. Other accessories include alternating hands and webbing for him to pose for action, and even newspapers, coffee cups and giant gargoyle heads for Peter to sit on and copy his morning rituals into your neighborhood friendly Spiderman .His price is 148 US dollars, the version without the statue is priced at 92.50 US dollars, and Will be released in September this year.[[[[TonOyak]

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Hasbro Star Wars: Black Series Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary The Power of The Force Retro Doll

Friends, half of your Toy Aisle team was born in 1991, which means they are a) still a baby, and b) are now big enough “Oh, this is the packaging Star wars When I was a ki-oh, the numbers were in it No i’m great“. This is exactly what happened when Hasbro re-released three new action dolls for its Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary series. Evoking the classic Hasbro-Kenner “Force Power” from the mid-90s “Action dolls (if there are only their cards, and Bust that is not “hero carving” Everyone is back), the trio new Hope The characters-Luke, Han Solo (with a stormtrooper belt) and Greedo in desert tunics-the same looks released in the Black series many years ago, but Luke and Han received new Photographic facial printing. Starting today, when you buy these cards from Hasbro Pulse at a price of $26.50 each, you are looking for these cards. They will both arouse your nostalgia and make you feel very old.[[[[from4-lomtozuckuss]

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Popular toys Star Wars: Bad Batch Hunter Tier VI Doll

Facts proved Star wars It will be more interesting and interesting when you are not moody and all the powerful Jedi knights are running around, hacking and killing each other with glowing carnival sticks.This Bad batch It’s a great distraction for those sequels that you still try to forget that haven’t happened yet, but it’s also great for companies like Hot Toys that can reuse Temuera Morrison head sculpts time and time again. The latest is the leader in the detailed 12-inch version of “The Power of Clones 99”, Aka hunter, Which includes a set of weathered armor and helmets, blasting rifles, pistols, daggers and 30 joint points. However, it is not expected to be listed until the end of 2022.

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LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers

Recently, in cooperation with Adidas, they launched a series of Lego-themed shoes and sportswear. Lego repays favor with the brick version of the classic Adidas Original Superstar sneakers. The sneakers include the iconic shell toe and a set of real There are several different ways to tie shoelaces. Officially on sale from July 1st In Lego and Adidas stores (online and physical stores), 731 sneakers priced at $80 are packed in a real Adidas shoe box, but despite the official size of 7.5, considering how it is assembled, there is not enough It’s disappointing that the space allows a foot to stick in, but Adidas has a solution.

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Mesco One: 12 Fantastic Four Collective Set

we Means… if you will One Members of the Fantastic Four, you might want all of them, right? So Mesko did you a favor by kicking out all four members of the team-sir. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Thunderbolt, and that thing-packed in a huge box with their robot buddy HERBIE. Except for four (four and a half, technically five?) Full of stuff With accessories, including fire effects for Johnny, Reid’s alternate stretch limbs, camouflage trenches CBen uses oatmeal and fedora hats, and Sue uses mind shields and explosions. Even without such things as alternating hands and heads, HERBIE has its own accessories, such as booster FX jets, openable computer panels on the body, and sliding analysis trays.Nevertheless, all the goodness will cost you: this set is amazing 420 USDAnd can order approximately The spring 2022 release window.[[[[Mesco]

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Adidas Originals LEGO Superstar sneakers

If you regret the lack of abrasion resistance of Lego’s Adidas Originals Superstar suit (and the fact that you only get one shoe), then this collaboration has produced another rivet-covered sneaker that you can actually wear. Adidas Originals Lego Superstar will also be on sale on July 1st, adult size is about 170 US dollars, with all black details, including jagged stripes on the side, covered with iconic Lego studs, and the shell toe on the front looks like it actually is. It is assembled from white Lego blocks. Can you stick your Lego bricks on it? It is possible, but since the shoes use rubber instead of hard plastic, you may have difficulty sticking them on.

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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Gaming Greats six-inch Zaalbar figure

Hasbro’s Gamestop exclusive series of game themed characters mainly focus on Jedi: Fallen Order Recently, but now this line is back to the beloved classic Knights of the Old Republic Amazing follow-up to Darth Nihilus and Darth Revan: Zaalbar, the WTwi’lek, the ookiee warrior partner of Mission Vao. Zaalbar carried his archer and weapon harness, as well as his reliable vibrating sword.The model is priced at US$26.50 and can be pre-ordered at the following website Game stop. [[[[Tojak]

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Jazwares Halo Master Chief 20th Anniversary Spartan Series Two Pack

20 years have passed Halo: Battle Evolution The first appearance was to make the new (at the time) Microsoft Xbox a game console that everyone wanted to buy. Since 2001, the game has witnessed countless sequels and more evolutions, including endless upgrades to the master chief’s armor and the appearance of the characters in the game. Jazwares new products Halo Master Chief 20th Anniversary Spartan Series Celebrate this with two versions of the hero: one is his appearance in the original game, and the other is based on his appearance in 2021 Halo infinite. Both 6.5-inch dolls are equipped with more than 20 hinge points and accessories such as assault rifles and secondary blasting guns.When it ships in late October, a two-pack of $40 will be Game stop exclusive but Can book now.

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