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Twitch warns creators after receiving 1,000 DMCA statements from record companies



Twitch’s copyright issues will not go away.In email E-sports consultant Rod Breslau shared, The company warned that it has recently received about 1,000 separate DMCA delisting notices. All these claims involve archived broadcasts, most of which feature streamers, which listen to music in the background while playing games or talking to the audience. In the same email, Twitch said that it believes that publishers use automated tools to generate requests, indicating that there are more ways.

A Twitch spokesperson told Engadget: “We recently received a batch of DMCA removal notices, which involved music publishers making about 1,000 personal statements.” “All statements are for VOD, and most of them are for broadcasting. Streaming of background music while watching a video game or IRL stream. We want to make sure that the creator community is aware that the only way to protect themselves from DMCA notifications is: no streaming music-or other copyrighted material-they have no rights.”

The removal of DMCA has always been a headache for the Twitch community. It all started last summer, and the company said it saw “Sudden influxDelete notification. As with the latest episode, most of the content involved in editing has been published on the website for several years. Twitch attempts to solve this problem by expanding the number. Free songs for streamers.Then it published a blog post expressly urging them Do not use copyrighted music. Since each notification represents a potential blow to the account, another wave of bans is about to emerge.

Updated 4:39 p.m. EST: Added a comment from Twitch.

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