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U.S. prepares for peak domestic air travel in summer



Bookings are rising, and most airlines say the recovery of leisure travel is accelerating.

Even if the government continues to debate whether to allow more foreign travelers to visit, US airlines and agents are preparing to increase domestic air travel this summer.

After senior executives said the pace of recovery in leisure travel was accelerating, shares of American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines rose sharply on Tuesday.

“We are very, very satisfied with the speed of demand recovery,” Delta Air Lines president Glen Hauenstein (Glen Hauenstein) said at an industry conference. “The booking situation is better than expected.”

As more and more Americans pass through the airport, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plans to hire 1,000 more officials by July 4, which is the peak travel period in the United States, and 3,000 have been employed since January 1. Officials.

TSA Acting Director Darby LaJoye said at a press conference at Reagan National Airport outside of Washington, D.C.: “Our national airport has seen dramatic growth and will continue to grow steadily throughout the summer.”

TSA screened 1.86 million passengers on Sunday, the highest daily total since March 2020.

Manchester United said it now expects the adjusted profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization in the third quarter to be positive, and has lowered its forecast for the decline in unit revenue this quarter.

Chief Financial Officer Derek Kerr said that Americans are seeing “encouraging signs” in business and international travel, which has been hit hard during the pandemic.

This improvement comes as more and more Americans begin to get vaccinated, companies prepare for workers to return to the office and travel, and more and more countries/regions open their borders.

However, despite the request for the removal of restrictions by tour groups, the United States still prohibits entry of almost all non-US citizens from most countries in Europe, South Africa, India, China, Iran and Brazil.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorcas said at a press conference that the government is “deciding when to truly resume business travel, international travel based on facts, data, and scientific methods…this is our daily Things that are all being evaluated.”

Officials told Reuters that the government held extensive meetings on this subject, but did not make any decisions.

Industry officials believe that Biden may lift restrictions on the United Kingdom and Ireland as early as early June. COVID-19 cases in both countries have fallen.

Roger Dow, President and CEO of the American Travel Association, told Reuters: “The UK is the most distant. Our belief is that if we can open the UK, the rest will follow.”


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