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Urgently needed-a “Montreal Montreal”! | Conflict between Israel and Palestine



On May 11, when Israel released its military machines in occupied Jerusalem and other places, I contacted CBC Montreal Radio, who was looking for someone for an interview and discussing the situation in Sheikh Jarrah (Sheikh Jarrah). ) Violent incidents that occurred. After providing them with a speech from their show on the requested day on May 12, I was told that they were willing to book me in the show.

Alas, this person must be a specific person, I want to say a “Palestinian Montreal”. Obviously, this is their strict policy, and all guests in the performance must be Montrealers. In addition, I now have an hour to search for this particular subspecies of Palestinians.

beautiful. Within 40 minutes, I found that it was not one who was capable and willing to be interviewed, but two Palestinian Montrealers. I even checked with these two people. They confirmed to me that when they woke up every day, they were thinking: “Wow, it’s not good to be a Palestine Montrealer!” Only by combining these two words can they be considered complete! Their union is the decisive feature of their survival and the source of their expertise and knowledge of everything that happened to Sheikh Jarrah!

It’s great, CBC Montreal Radio welcomes it. Within an hour. We can’t believe it. thank you.

The Palestinian Montrealers I found were very kind. They cleaned up their busy schedule to accommodate the broadcast time of CBC Montreal. This applies not only to live interviews, but also to pre-screening interviews. The timetable has been cleared. Prepared. wonderful.

May 12 came and went. But nothing tells the Palestinian Montrealer more than an email or phone call from CBC Montreal that they will not broadcast live or even conduct interviews.

This story is far from the state of the mainstream media in Canada, and even the state of the media in Europe, North America, Australia and other places.

During the three days from May 11th to 13th, I discovered that CBC, the Palestinians in Palestine, the Canadian experts in Palestine, the Montrealers in Palestine and the Palestinians in Palestine are not “the voice of journalists”, but just “local Voice “”-no matter what that means, I still found one. Whenever I find one of these increasingly specific subspecies of Palestine, I am either ignored or told, no today, we are actually looking for Another subspecies. And continue.

If it weren’t because it was a structural cover-up of the colonial barbarism of the settlers and the harassment of those who gave up their time to find available Palestinian interviewees and the Palestinians who devoted their time to preparing, interviews without interviews, these stories It will only be ridiculous.

In the media environment of Canada and other regions, there are certainly courageous and conscientious journalists who are doing their best to break through the wall of silence and tell the audience the story of Palestine. They are everywhere. They work in the mainstream media of CBC News, and some are creating their own media platforms and achieving success.

All of us should support these journalists, whether they are independent journalists or mainstream journalists. When they broke through, when they broadcast a Palestinian and gave them actual time to speak and explain the situation, when the language used by reporters to describe ground incidents in their own way got rid of the misleading clichés of “both sides”, “Real estate disputes” and “Israel’s right to self-defense as a legitimate reason for everything”, as well as any other propaganda methods that the government is spreading, are when we need to stand behind these responsible and genuine journalists.

Write to your news station. Tell them that you appreciate the work of such reporters. Ask them to do more. Help these reporters break the silence. Break the fear barrier.

In the past two weeks, and still in progress, the information provided by young Palestinian journalists and activists on social media is more accurate and comprehensive than the information provided by the entire European and American media.

This does not mean that there will be no censorship on these digital platforms. Undoubtedly it is. Instagram and Twitter accounts and Facebook groups were deactivated, blocked and censored. Therefore, these platforms will not be a panacea for solving these serious, structural and fundamental problems in the media environment. The digital platform is also a space that has been supervised and constructed to ultimately serve powerful users.

CBC and other news organizations may think they are chasing us frantically, chasing Palestinian Montrealers for phantom interviews. But we understand their games and skills. We understand how they will respond to what I share here. They will now point out how to invite two, three or even ten Palestinians to speak on the live broadcast in these days and even the next few weeks, and try to use this as an excuse to exonerate these accusations.

But we know and understand that inviting Palestinians of various subspecies to stay here for a few minutes every day will not really break through the hours beyond the daily narratives of Canada, the United States, and Israel. There is almost no daylight between their positions).

We also learned that the conservatives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and other media organizations are on the wrong side of history. Despite the deep-rooted national interest in the mainstream media, all the achievements that will be made in the coming weeks, all the breakthroughs that have occurred, and the breakthroughs that are expected to be strengthened will occur. People gathered inside and outside the mainstream media and achieved these achievements, pushing these power structures into much-needed changes. However, just like the Israeli state, the mainstream media will respond to this pressure through structural violence.

In an open letter last week, about 500 conscientious, fair and balanced Canadian journalists rightly called for “the Canadian media’s lack of nuanced coverage of the forced deportation of Palestinians and indiscriminate air strikes” and put forward the following simple Requirement: “Journalism should be applicable to Canadian reports on the ongoing development of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Fair and balanced reporting should include historical and social background, journalists who understand the region, and, most importantly, the voice of Palestine .”

How do the veterans of the mainstream media executives respond? Some signatories are prohibited from covering Palestine/Israel.

Let all this fall into contemplation. Calling for the establishment of a more nuanced, fair, balanced and actually legal journalism will punish those journalists.

Therefore, something is really needed urgently, and it has never been more elusive than it is now. There is an urgent need for a clear, open, honest, participatory and deliberative public discussion on this planet to discuss how to establish and maintain a structure of oppressive government governance through mainstream media organizations.

Never forget this: our story is not just the story of Palestine. This is the story of all people who were oppressed, killed, imprisoned, maimed, enslaved, colonized and obliterated. This is the story of indigenous struggle across Turtle Island, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Australia and other regions. This is the story of the black liberation struggle in the entire world. This is the story of Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. This is the unfinished story of the struggle to eliminate the economic and social inequality caused by the apartheid system in South Africa.

This is the story of Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and other regions fighting for freedom and democracy. This is the story of all people working hard to overcome post-colonial authoritarian countries in Guinea, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other regions. This is the story of working class struggles in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, Britain and other regions. Anti-Semitism made in Europe is a story of Jews fighting against destructive monsters.

We are all dominators of this world, and this world is established in and through colonial modernity. The tactics and strategies used to suppress and rule the Palestinians are the same as those that all oppressed people will face or will face, including structural violence carried out by the mainstream media.

Nelson Mandela once said: “We know very well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Really. But let me add one more thing: all the people caught up in the above-mentioned struggles are not free. The struggle for freedom in Palestine is actually a struggle for freedom by many people all over the world. We will either work together or no one will go.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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