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Vaccine deals for countries in need, surge in Japan, and more coronavirus news



Drug manufacturer launches new product Vaccine deals, the European Union expands its travel policy, and Japan responds to a new surge. Here is what you should know:

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Drugmakers agree to provide vaccine doses to countries in need

Pfizer and BioNTech promised earlier today One billion doses of Covid vaccine will be provided to low- and middle-income countries by the end of this year, and another one billion doses will be provided in 2022.It is not clear whether these donations will pass the Covax program, which has been working hard to gain momentum, especially in India to stop exports to make it its largest supplier Lagging behind to provide doseTo make up for the shortcomings, GAVI, one of the organizations behind Covax, agreed today Purchase 200 million doses Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

This week, President Biden also announced that the United States will donate More vaccine surplusIn addition to the previous promise to ship 80 million doses of AstraZeneca overseas, his government will also send 20 million doses of vaccines approved for use in the United States by the end of June.Although the vaccination rate in the United States has slowed down, many countries in the world are Vaccine fairness issues Enter a stronger relief.

EU relaxes travel restrictions before summer vacation

This week, the European Union made several key changes to its Covid travel policy in preparation for the summer vacation.On Wednesday, 27 member states Agree to relax restrictions For people who have received an approved vaccine or come from a country deemed safe.As the level of the B.1.617 variant first discovered in India by the United Kingdom continues to rise, the country Not currently in this listThe EU also agrees Digital certificate system This will enable those who can prove that they are unlikely to be infected with Covid-whether because they have tested negative or have been vaccinated-can travel more freely in the area.

According to reports, US government officials have Weigh the possibilities Change the U.S. travel policy around Covid. But for now, Restrictions will continue to exist, Including restrictions on non-essential travel from Canada and Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security said it will keep it at least until June 21.

With the approach of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Japan has expanded its state of emergency

Japan today Expand the state of emergency Two other vaccines were approved for the third consecutive week-from Moderna and AstraZeneca-in hopes of slowing the latest surge of the virus in the country. The state of emergency now applies to 42% of the country’s population. So far, the speed of vaccine introduction is worrying: only 4% of the population has received one or more doses of the vaccine.There are nine weeks before the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the International Olympic Committee said The game will continue Even the state of emergency is still valid.But opinion polls show that about 60% to 80% of the population is Against hosting game.

Elsewhere in Asia, the number of cases Also on the rise, Even in countries where numbers were once negligible. as a response, Hong Kong and Singapore changed their travel policies, Malaysia imposed a new blockade, and many people in the region have already withdrawn to their homes.

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What happens to manufacturers who switch to producing masks and other supplies during the pandemic?

A year ago, when urgently needed goods were in short supply and imports were blocked, American manufacturers quickly adapted to the production of masks and other key items.Now, as the economy recovers and cheap imports make a comeback, these companies are Working hard to protect their new businessLast week, members of the newly formed American Mask Manufacturers Association wrote to the White House asking for help because cheap masks and respirators from China are now returning to the United States. Without government support, the group expects to lose half of its collective production capacity within 60 days.

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