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Valorant’s latest agent is a robot with the ability to bring anyone back to life



Since Riot Games in Summer games, Appraisal Players have real reasons to believe that the new agent coming to the popular free shooting game will be a robot. The company today launched KAY/O, a “war machine” whose mechanisms are named in code terms and borrowed something from other popular FPS, which makes fans unable to guess.

KAY/O is an initiator with three throwable abilities. The first is ZERO/point, a knife. When projected on the first surface, it will hit and suppress anyone within the explosion radius. Think Revenant’s Silence from Apex Legend But use blades instead of equipment. Opponents within the range of its influence will find that they cannot choose their own abilities and can only rely on their gun skills. It can also deactivate weapons like Killjoy’s turret, which will be music for players who just want to “click on the head”.

Next is flash memory/drive. It comes in the form of a flash grenade, which can be charged to reduce “cooking” time. Right-clicking will throw a charging flash, which only takes one second to cook, while left-clicking will increase the waiting time to 1.6 seconds. The last non-ultimate skill of KAY/O is FRAG/ment, an “explosive fragment” that sticks to the ground and explodes countless times. If the opponent is in the center of the explosion, it can almost completely eliminate the opponent’s health, a bit like the damage caused by Raze’s cluster grenade.

Although Sage is still the only hero who can re-enter the eliminated players to the battle, KAY/O’s ultimate skills seem to change the skirmishes in the middle and late stages of the game. NULL/cmd allows the player to “immediately overload polarized radiation energy”, which gives KAY/O a combat stimulus, sending out pulses that can suppress the enemy, and most importantly, let him be knocked down instead of being destroyed. But please note that this will only happen when he is overloaded.

Similar to the resurrection mechanism in battle royale shooting games, such as Fort night with War zoneWhen teammates “stabilize” the core of KAY/O and finally get the killer robot to stand up again, they will be vulnerable to injury. Like the main line of Sage, players who are willing to take evasive actions in battle can reverse the situation that 1v1 is beneficial to them through timely rescue.

KAY/O is not the only new member in Chapter 3, Act One Battle Pass, and it will go live on June 22.In addition to the usual free and paid weapon skins, gunmates, cards, spray paint, and titles, Riot also provides additional experience points for players teaming up with friends during the game Brave first year event Between June 22 and July 6. The two-person group will receive an 8% reward, while the three-person and four-person group will receive 12% and 16% of the bonus, respectively. If you can fill all five positions, the XP bonus will rise to an impressive 20%.

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