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Venmo will eventually allow users to make their friends list private



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Two weeks later news Allegedly, using the application’s search tool and public friend function to find President Joe Biden’s Venmo account, which quickly raised the alarm for network security and national security, Venmo enabled users to make their friends list private.

Changes to one of Venmo most Characteristics of Criticism Over the years, it was discovered BuzzFeed news And applied researcher Jane Man Chunhuang On Fridays, users are allowed to make their friends list public, friends only, or private. With these new privacy settings, people will hope that people like President Biden or anyone else will be more difficult to find on apps owned by PayPal.

According to Buzzfeed, so far, Venmo is the only major social network where a contact-based friend list cannot be made private.When users sign up for Venmo, they are asked to grant app permissions Access contacts On their mobile phones to automatically add these contacts to the friends list. (This is not required, although some Criticize the app Seems to make contact sharing mandatory).

According to reports, the list and the app’s built-in search tool allow the outlet to later find Biden’s Venmo profile Search in less than 10 minutes. After The New York Times, Buzzfeed is motivated to search Biden’s account publish an article Regarding the president, including the incidental mention of him using Venmo to send money to grandchildren. Buzzfeed also discovered what appeared to be the Venmo accounts of first lady Jill Biden, nearly a dozen members of the Biden family, and senior White House officials.

A Venmo spokesperson confirmed to Gizmodo the new privacy feature on Saturday.

“We have been developing and enhancing the Venmo platform for all customers. As part of these ongoing efforts, we have added in-app controls to provide customers with an option to choose public, friends-only, or private settings for their friends list. “The spokesperson said. “We look forward to continuing to provide customers with a seamless payment experience.”

In an article about it Help center, Venmo also confirmed that it will now include a “Appear in other users’ friends list” button. It added that even if their friends choose different privacy settings, users who choose not to appear in other users’ friend lists will not appear.

As Buzzfeed points out, People can use information about someone’s friends on Venmo to map their activities, which can lead to tracking and put them at risk. This information can also reveal other types of sensitive information, such as who the therapist’s patient is.

Although this is a popular and long-overdue change from Venmo, it deserves further analysis.yellow Point out As of Friday, the privacy settings of Venmo’s friends list are public by default. To be clear, Venmo is not the only social platform that uses the public by default——Twitter with Instagram For example, this can be done too-but considering its peculiarities, such as the friend list based on contacts and the fact that it deals with money, it is best to reconsider to ensure privacy and security.

At the very least, it should explain the risks of public friend lists and allow users to make wise choices for themselves.


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