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Vietnam holds parliamentary elections during new COVID outbreak | Election News



In this year’s vote, there were fewer members of the National Assembly with 500 seats than ever before.

Vietnamese wearing masks participated in a poll on Sunday. In the rapidly spreading COVID-19 epidemic, tens of millions of people are expected to choose a rubber stamped legislature.

The 500-seat National Assembly is held every five years, usually after the ruling Communist Party holds a parliament to elect a new leader. The number of independent candidates is smaller than before.

Although it is becoming more and more open to social changes in Southeast Asian countries and there are a large number of free trade agreements, the Communist Party is one of the last ruling Communist Parties in the world. It maintains strict control over Vietnam and its media with few objections.

Nearly 69.2 million registered voters will also vote for members of the provincial and district people’s committees.

Vuong Dinh Hue, chairman of the National Assembly, said before the election: “I hope that all voters who know that they are the owners of the country will vote to choose the most reliable and valuable candidate to represent their voice.”

Approximately 92% of the candidates for the National Assembly are members of the Communist Party, and the Communist Party fundamentally censors independent candidates.

The number of non-partisan candidates dropped to 74 this year from 97 in the previous election in 2016. Local media said that in the past three elections, the number of representatives of non-partisan parliamentarians has been reduced by half.

Official statistics show that 99% of Vietnam’s 67.5 million registered voters participated in the 2016 election.

Voting is anonymous, but the name, age, occupation, race, and address of each voter are posted outside the polling center.

Vietnam is battling a new COVID-19 outbreak, which has spread rapidly and has infected 2,066 people since late April. The general election is underway.

In Hanoi’s Lambien district, when it was the turn of the polling station, about 30 voters were lining up wearing masks.

Before queuing, voters took their body temperature at a nearby dining table. Free masks and hand sanitizers were provided at the table, along with speaker announcements to keep a safe distance.

Hue said Sunday’s vote was “the first case of “the most dangerous coronavirus outbreak that has spread to nearly half of the provinces, many of which are under lockdown.”

He said that the organizers have taken measures to ensure that the elections proceed safely.

Election results are usually announced in about two weeks.


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