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WhatsApp will not restrict the accounts of users who do not accept its new privacy policy



Even if you do not accept the new privacy policy introduced earlier this month, at least you can continue to use your WhatsApp account for now. The Facebook-owned chat service wrote in a support article before the policy went into effect on May 15 that the policy will Gradual restriction Features that can be used before you accept the new terms. Now, WhatsApp seems to have decided to change its methods, hoping to retain its current users.It tells Next website In the statement:

“In light of recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to state that we currently have no plans to restrict users who have not yet received the update from using WhatsApp features. Instead, we will continue to remind users about the timing of the update and what people choose to use. Time for related optional features, such as communicating with companies that are receiving Facebook support.”

Update in it Support pageWhatsApp stated that there is no plan to make reminders persist, so we assume they will pop up from time to time and not often cause you inconvenience.Messaging service priority Bring in In January, the updated privacy policy suddenly appeared, involving the expansion of its business messaging tools and new shopping features. Facebook has played a role in enabling these features, and obviously, your business interactions on WhatsApp may affect the ads you see on its parent company’s website.

Many users learned that because WhatsApp forced users to share more data with Facebook, there was a strong response, prompting the company to take the following actions: put off The introduction of the policy.After citing “confusion and misinformation” regarding the updated policy, WhatsApp decided Re-introduction It was released in February and gave people more time to review the changes by displaying banners providing more information in the app. The service initially warned that unless you agree to these terms, it will prevent you from fully using the app. Although WhatsApp may still change its position in the future, it is clearly no longer the case.

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