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Will Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally keep his promise? | Conflict between Israel and Palestine



These days, Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish feels like a forgotten person.

In his home from Toronto, he was full of frustration, sadness and anger. Israel’s continuous persecution of Palestinians in Occupied Palestine briefly pierced the complacency of Western political and media elites, and it was only in the outbreak of violence. after that.

He has been waiting for the equally complacent Western political and media elites-once for the Palestine-Canadian doctors, teachers, humanitarians and perhaps most importantly father born for flattery, awards and honor-to listen to his plea to stop Israel The evil design and healing of Palestine’s pain.

But few people return calls.

TV presenters and newspaper writers once told the tragic story of how Dr. Abuelais somehow caused the Israeli army to kill his three daughters and a niece during the invasion of Gaza in 2009, and it became a lifetime. The message of hope and reconciliation, but most people abandoned him.

Politicians from Canada and abroad who once called him “Middle East Martin Luther King” and pinned gadgets to Dr. Abueilay’s lapel, commended him for building a bridge built on understanding and friendliness The work of eliminating hatred also abandoned him.

In spite of this, he tried in vain to hear the harsh horror and familiar sounds of horror from the Israeli-occupied Palestine in 11 ruthless days.

On May 11, Dr. Abu Elash issued a press release aimed at “the leaders and peoples of governments around the world”, part of which read: “Faced with atrocities against unarmed civilians, we can no longer accept silence… Now It’s time to end the bloodshed; it’s time to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine.”

No one answered.

Earlier, Dr. Abuelaish had contacted the opinion columnists of The Globe and Mail and Guardian newspapers, hoping that they would issue his warning that the world must Keep a deaf ear to the historical injustices committed by Israeli imprisoned Palestinians.

Once again, no one answered.

“They don’t want to tell me the truth,” Dr. Abuelaish told me in an interview. “It’s sad and hurtful, because it is unjust to remain silent in times of injustice. But I will never give up.”

Dr. Abuelaish persists in dedicating his nature, and upholds the usual etiquette and humanistic spirit.

Dr. Abuelai was born in the Jabaliya refugee camp at the northern end of the besieged Gaza Strip. He knows better than most the suffering that generations of Palestinians have to endure, which is often a fatal price. This is the consequence of apartheid in Israel. .

Of course, Dr. Abu Elesh knows better than most people that the children of Occupied Palestine have paid the deepest and most indelible price for Israel’s long-term, brutal and systematic suppression.

This is why Israel’s vicious invasion of the Gaza Strip in 2014 claimed the lives of 551 Palestinian children and injured 3,436 innocent people, many of whom were permanent. Dismembered daughters Besan, Maya, Aya and niece Noor.

Dr. Abuelaish worked primarily alone, seeking the cooperation of Canadian labor unions, nurses, doctors, hospitals and politicians, including the then Prime Minister of Ontario and the Minister of Health. Heal100Kids was organized. This is a humanitarian initiative that aims to bring 100 injured and The traumatized Gaza children were brought to Canada for special medical assistance. And treatment.

Dozens of Canadians voluntarily opened their homes and wallets out of Dr. Abuelaish’s apparent loyalty to distrust, hope of despair, confidence in resignation, love of hatred, and the peace of war. To ensure that injured Palestinian children are welcomed and cared for in Canada.

Liberal opposition leader Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) among Canadians who were clearly impressed and moved, he publicly expressed his wholehearted support for Dr. Abu Erich’s plan on his official Twitter account.

In a tweet on August 3, 2014, Trudeau encouraged Canadians to join him in advocating Heal100Kids. “Please add your name to support Palestinian children receiving treatment in Canada”, Trudeau write An army of his followers.

Two days later, Trudeau posted another tweet, this time “praising” the then Ontario Minister of Health Eric Hoskins (Eric Hoskins) and the province’s Liberal government’s commitment to supporting the #Heal100Kids project “.

At that time, there is no doubt that Trudeau resolutely approved Heal100Kids verbally to establish his certificate of love, which was inconsistent with the shameless refusal of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to meet with Dr. The broken Palestinian children and their family visas are related to coming to Canada.

This former drama teacher is good at playing the role of a kind, caring leader and father.

It turns out that Trudeau’s recognition of Heal100Kids is as cynical as its hollowness.

In his opinion letter issued on May 22, 2018, Dr. Abuelai challenged the current Prime Minister Trudeau to keep his promise and mobilize his office resources and powers to express solidarity with Palestinian children in desperate need.

“It’s time to be right, Prime Minister Trudeau. Now is the time to help alleviate the suffering of only 100 Palestinian children. If you can, now is the time for you to give a speech to make what you wrote a few years ago become a reality. It’s time to put aside politics and put aside the topic. Now it’s time to do something tangible. Among all the ugly human slaughters, it’s time to measure kindness and decency. It’s time.

Trudeau’s response: Three years of silence and inaction.

Like most Palestinians, Dr. Abuelaish is a patient man. His patience has dried up. Today, he learned that the Prime Minister’s support for Heal100Kids seems to be just a smoke.

“It’s just words. This is a big lie.


To understand the prime minister’s shocking motivation behind the scenes, I contacted Trudeau’s press secretary, Alex Wellstead, earlier this week and asked for an interview to discuss Dr. Abuelaish and Heal100Kids.

This is Wellstead’s bleak and enlightening answer: “I’m not familiar with this plan. Can you share more information and where it crosses the federal government…”

In short: Wellstead, and the Prime Minister expanded the title of Prime Minister, have completely forgotten Dr. Abuelaish and Heal100Kids.

Later, Trudeau’s press secretary declined to be interviewed. “Have a nice day,” he wrote in an email.

What I can think of is the predictable amnesia that this man-made Prime Minister and his government gave to their three Nobel Peace Prize nominees to help Palestinian children recover from their mental, physical, and spiritual hard work. There is no more telling prosecution than their completely predictable amnesia. war.

Trudeau and the company may want to forget, but the numbers are shocking.

More than 60 Palestinian babies and children Was killed Before the ceasefire was announced a few days ago, hundreds of severely injured and orphans became orphans. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres described the massacre in this way on Thursday: “If there is hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza.”

Although Abuelaish was heartbroken, he insisted that the international community must finally force Israel to end its illegal and destructive occupation of Palestine.

He said that Prime Minister Trudeau should also agree to the resurrection of the “Cure Children” initiative, which is a clear sign of Canada’s friendship with the troubled Palestinians and a common humanity.

“Mr. Trudeau can finally turn his words into action and say: We are willing to revive this initiative and treat the children in need of treatment,” said Dr. Abu Ehrish. “This is his moral responsibility.”

The question remains: Will Justin Trudeau remember this action?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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