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Windows 11 leaks hands-on: just like Windows 10 meets MacOS



Windows fans may sneer at any changes to the Start menu.After all, one of the big selling points of Windows 10 is Restore the function to its former glory After trying to sell us on the full screen start menu in Windows 8 failed. But in fact, the realization of Windows 11 may make more sense today. Just like the new taskbar, everything is to reduce confusion. I rarely scroll through the entire Windows 10 start menu, so it’s easier to navigate with a large number of fixed applications. If I am really in a hurry, I can still press the Windows key and start typing to quickly search for applications. Microsoft just makes it easy for us to enter a world where we don’t have to fish in the entire start menu.

Microsoft also added a clever way to capture windows without having to drag them at all. Now, when you hover your mouse over the maximize icon in the title bar, you will see a drop-down list of potential snap locations. You just need to click on the one you want the window to be in place. Maybe I am too much a nerd to Windows, but I think this feature alone will fundamentally change the way I work. I hate adjusting the size of Windows manually, and I always find the automatic capture feature a bit clumsy.


To be honest, this is also a huge leap ahead of MacOS. Although all its designs are prosperous, I always find that the window management on the Mac is absolutely messy. Usually, I rely on Apple’s Expose function to browse all my windows. Without it, using a Mac is just a pain.

In addition to the taskbar, start menu, and app capture updates, there are also some visual updates that modernize Windows 11. The corners of the window are now slightly rounded, and the entire operating system has a refresh icon. There is also a new start-up ringtone and a few other different system sounds, but nothing feels truly transformative. Nevertheless, it is great to see a new Xbox app that allows you to directly access all content on GamePass and commonly used Xbox social features. Widgets are also back, although historically, they are not very useful in Windows.We are still waiting for other major changes, such as Transform the Microsoft Store This is a rumor.

So far, Windows 11 feels like a major Windows 10 update. I can even upgrade my existing Windows 10 installation without any problems, and all my existing applications are running fine. But keep in mind that we are looking at early leaks of the operating system, and all I hear is showing us part of an incomplete build. There will definitely be more features. But if Microsoft insists on the core idea of ​​streamlining Windows and making it easier to use, at least Windows 11 will not be another Windows 8.

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