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You can now rent a kid-friendly Moxie robot for $149 per month



I found a lot Like Embodied’s Moxie robot, A companion who can help children play and learn. It has smooth animations and some really interesting dialogue techniques. But it also requires US$1,500 and a monthly subscription fee of US$40 to US$60 after the first year. For most parents, this is just not counting!But one Minus the excessive $149 monthly fee? This is of course easier to obtain, and it also includes the company’s content subscription fee.

For most consumers, renting Moxie may also be a better choice. If the company discontinues production, you don’t want to pay a lot of money for hardware that may become obsolete (Looking at you, Jibo). Pricing is always the biggest obstacle for every robot. But if they really want to bring these things into the home, robotics companies must definitely think harder about how to make their equipment more affordable.

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